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A Single Mom's Valentine's Day

What does a single mom do on Valentine's Day? Hmmm.... Thats a question that plagues many of us single moms. Alot of us may not even be dating or in a relationship with anyone so this could become a very lonesome, and sad "holiday".

Well I've learned that over time it doesn't have to be that way, and ANY DAY of the week you can turn into something great -- it really depends on your attitude right? So my thoughts are, (and some of you may think this is soooo corney but I don't care lol) that Valentine's day has been a day of celebrating love or showing love. And there are so many ways to love but the most important way to love is agape. Agape love is unconditional, limitless and never ending and this is how our Heavenly Father loves us. I want you to SHIFT your mindset about love in this season, and change your love focus.

There are 3 areas you will find fulfillment in love

1. God- Yes... I am going to talk about Him because HE in fact.. IS...LOVE! He is really where we need to redirect our love single mommies. He created us from love, He has placed us in love, continues to love us even when we ignore Him, when we are mad at Him, when we blame Him for our situation and when we are feeling some type of way about life and why we are single mothers in the first place. (Hello somebody!- *que the preaching music*) He sent His Son to die and shed His blood for us IN LOVE so we may be saved and reconciled back to LOVE!! And we cannot truly know what love is and how we are supposed to be loved until we understand the love of the FATHER. HE LOVED YOU FIRST MOMMY!

2. Yourself- We have all heard that scripture "Love thy neighbor as thyself" right? That is a new commandment yall! And sometimes we focus and even get offended by the 'love thy neighbor'. I have...lets keep it real. And you may be thinking, "well I tired to love them, 'him' and they hurt me, he hurt me, yes that is true. But what is also true is that we would have never put up with false love if we loved ourselves. We missed the "thyself". You gotta love yourself Mommy. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God from love and you deserve that love. So love yourself! Don't focus on the things you don't like or hate about yourself. Don't insult your Creator in that way because, He loved you so much to form you in His image. He had a conversation about you and your creation. As parents we take pride in our children looking like us, acting like us and following in our footsteps. God feels the same way. Love yourself Mommy, by taking care of your body, your mind, and soul, and by doing something for yourself to celebrate YOU!!

3. Last but not least, Your children- Though many of us have birthed our children in the midst of pain and brokenness, they still carry agape love. I learned what true love was when I had my children. Our children are precious and a heritage to God and they carry His agape love. When our kids come through us to this earth, they have no idea what we did, who we were before we had them, the pain we have experienced, nor the trauma AND THEY STILL LOVE US ANYWAY. They love you because you are Mommy and that is it! So during this season of love, love on your children. If you lacked love in your childhood, shower love on to your children. Let them bring you the joy they are supposed to and just abide in it.

So Mommy, on this Valentine's Day don't limit yourself to receiving love from one person, but receive love from the Creator of it. Refocus your mindset on love and redirected to the 3 above. You are guaranteed an excellent return and you will understand how valuable, beautiful and deserving of love you are.


Yours truly,

-J. Lauren

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