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Co-Parenting and the Holidays

It's holiday time! And also time to decide where your child is going to be. With you? Or with Daddy? And when? Seems easy right? Lol

I can't even stress the level of maturity that comes with having this conversation and arrangement with the other parent. There is alot of emotion around this especially since there is alot of emotion around the two of you. The failed relationship, the constant replay in your mind of how it went wrong, when it went wrong and the hurt behind it. The unresolved issues that were never talked about. There may even be alot of anger and resentment in there. Especially if there is minimal help from the other parent. And I have to be the mature one?!

Things that make you go HMMMM...

Well, I know you feel some type of way. I surely did. But your child needs both parents to get along. So YES! You have to be the mature one.

In this situation I have some co-parenting holiday tips

  1. Figure out which holiday is most important to each of you. For me I'm big on Thanksgiving and not so much Christmas, especially since my birthday is in the same month lol. So I would rather have my kids home with me and our family. And then I would go from there.

  1. Be flexible. Sometimes things don't go as planned. Sometimes work may interfere, plans change, money changes. Things happen. So this is a mindset thing where we are aren't thinking he's being malicious or just trying to make your life miserable. Maybe his car really broke down sis. So let's lighten up lol

  2. Be open to finding solutions. Sometimes we have special things planned and we may need to switch holidays. Be open to it. Maybe instead of buying toys they don't need or play with for Christmas, we can invest in a trip or something more beneficial for the child. Again things change

  3. Work together. Our kids parents shouldn't be enemies. Let's be real, we both had love and affection for eachother at one point. And even though the relationship ended we can pour that love and affection into our kids and show them that their parents aren't kids. But mature adults that knew how to work together and respect eachother.

  4. Let them enjoy and get to know the other parent. Don't over do it and call every 20 mins the whole time they are with them. Let them have their bonding time. And just like the other parent gives you trust with the child, give them that same trust.

Keep some of these in mind when planning your holidays! And let your kids enjoy the love from both parents and both sides of the family!

Happy Holidays!

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