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I know many of you have been asking and looking. So you all know that as a single mom on the move there are alot of moving parts. Mom's we get overwhelmed, in a place of exhaustion and sometimes it seems like we are struggling to juggle all these things we HAVE TO DO and the things we WANT TO DO, and sometimes they overlap. It can get to a place where its alot and so many emotions are tied to the hats we have to wear. But I will tell you that there are times where you have to stop and regroup. Re-evaluate which of the hats we wear are the priority. And I know that many of you are like "yea right, I have to wear all these hats." "I don't have anyone to help me." Well honey, I didn't say it was going to be easy. Here's my moment of transparency: Why did I take a break? Because I was just like you, overwhelmed. Everything happened all at once, more work responsibility and then all of a sudden my oldest daughter is home for the summer so now there's fights I have to break up every 10 mins lol, then I am still networking with other moms for conferences, new opportunities, church, drama, issues to resolve, bills, business blah blah blah. IT WAS ALOT!! Now fast forward to back to school, craziness at work, projects, homework, back to school emotional the whole 9! HOWEVER, Yes there is a 'However', even in all that drama and chaos it is okay to step away, reassess, regroup and relaunch!

I encourage you to pan for yourself when planning for everything and everyone else... It can be done. And it's Okay to take a step back and give yourself the permission to do it with out guilt!

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