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Wow what a year huh?! So much as transpired during this past year and I can't imagine what we have all went through. I know personally I have experienced a lot of transition, loss and growth! I just want to congratulate every Mom and deem you an OVERCOMER!! You have pulled through this year like a champ! Take some time to reflect on the past year, and not just the good things because we need resistance. Sometimes we block out those trials but, resistance builds endurance and strength. You can now look back on the previous year and realize that it had made you stronger and has prepared you for such as time as this. So ponder on both. You are alive for a reason and purpose, it's not just to be someone's mother. But it's to the increase and impact the life of someone else. Someone needs to hear your story, another mom needs to hear how you overcame so she can have the faith to keep going. There was a reason you experienced what you have because your expertise is necessary. You were born to solve a problem in the earth, to break generational curses and habits and to receive generational blessings!

I had no idea why I became a single mother. It OBVIOUSLY was not my plan but my choices. And I have even asked myself "where was the Plan B when I was messing around?" LoL😂 Don't get me wrong I love my children but I do think I should have had a better situation before I had them. But here I am, I understand why I went through what I did and still do with them, with coparenting, managing schedules etc. It was for me to help and empower other single moms. And I can STILL create greatnesses for them and me because the greatness is on the inside. You have everything you need already inside of you!

So make this year about YOU! Finding who you are before you were graced to be a mother. You had a name, a role, a mission on this earth and you still do. You are [Insert name here], and you have purpose. Take whatever goals you didn't get to accomplish last year and make it happen this year!


Blessings on your new year!!

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