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Pregnant again?

Now if the first time I was pregnant wasn't crazy enough, lets fast forward two years later! This time I was engaged and honestly at the time I didn't really know what that meant. And at a time when I was already overwhelmed with being a single mother, I add on another child. Of course in my mind I'm like well we are about to get married. I was "in love" right? But I've returned to the place of disappointment. Here I am, I moved to get a fresh start, to do something different but I ended up at the same result. Insanity right? So what was happening, I'm living with my brother and his wife, just making it on my job I just started and now 3 months after I get hired I have to tell them I am pregnant.

But its okay, we're getting married, and we're in love right?

Nah.... I had no idea. Here's where the consequences of my bad choices come in. Feeling the disappointment and tension with my family, respectfully responding to the insensitive comments of "you're pregnant again?!", "I thought you were done," and "what are you doing, Jenny?" Absorbing the looks and the shameful head bows and shaking of the heads.

Pain comes with disobedience....hold on to that.

So then I move in with my potential future husband. Learning what our lives was supposed to be like as a family, and then I felt like I walked in to turmoil. And oh lets not forget that my manager acted like I personally violated her by getting pregnant. At this point, I was the fan and everything was being thrown at it!

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Rosa Myers
Rosa Myers
Jan 26, 2022

Wow, I can only imagine the pressure of uncertainties and concerns. This is so real for many young women.

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