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What am I going to do?!

That was my first thought when I found out I was pregnant. I was on my way to turning the big dirty 30! At the time I was was in a very confusing situation with the person I was with. I had no idea of where we were going or what we were doing. An interesting place to be at 29 right? As I prepare to celebrate the matrimony of my college friends, I started to feel strange and then the night before the wedding, "something" told me to get up and go get a pregnancy test. It was 5 am and here I am running to Walmart to get a test to confirm my thoughts of being pregnant. At that moment, a week before my 30th birthday, I was going to be a Mom... I had no real feeling at first just a numb response of "ok I'm pregnant". I went to the wedding, and reception and annoyed now that I can't celebrate how I was expected to, I began to panic and wondered how I was going to tell my family and friends that I was going to have a child, and at the same time had no idea where her father was because we had just broken up. What am I going to do? What am I going to say? How do I explain me not drinking with my friends, not participating in the toast to the bride and groom with champagne? How do I explain why "life of the party Jen" wasn't being the life of the party ?What was I going to say?! My heart pounded with anxiety and worry. Paranoid with the thought of anyone even noticing anything different about me. Avoiding questions like the plague. I had no idea what to do. But my family being who they are in a way already knew, especially my father lol. But the love was always there and even with my friends, the support was there but I was still left with the remaining thought of "what am I going to do?" My next step was to call my ex to tell him that I was pregnant, and his response was "well I may as well tell you now that I am married..." WHAT?!!!!!!!!

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Nov 13, 2021

Speak! Mommy Speak!

This is a great Blog!!! I can truly relate!! Awesome Jenn!!!


Nov 12, 2021

Sis this is so Powerful and inspiring and so much inspiration this is going to be so encouraging to the single moms as well as the younger moms .they have been waiting on you. ❤


Rosa Myers
Rosa Myers
Nov 12, 2021

Wow just wow! This is going to help so many in this same situation. Beautifully written 👏

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